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:bulletpurple: A friendly group of international artists accepting members who create, illustrate and market their own titles. Titles can be webcomics, self-published print editions, graphic novels or comics.
Founded 3 Years ago
Nov 16, 2011


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Art Creation

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Digital Media

813 Members
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Accepting New Members/Rules

Welcome New Members:
This Deviant Art group is seeking artists and submissions from folks who self-publish comics, web comics, graphic novels, manga, comic related posters and custom merchandise.

All levels from Newbies to Masters are completely acceptable. Welcome and please read the rules below or read the complete Guidelines for more information.

Basic Guidelines for Entries/Members:
1. We are an indie group for original titles and not a Marvel/DC fan comic or character group. No Spider-Man, Hulk or Superman fan art will be accepted.

2. Nudity, as in the artistic sense, is acceptable. Depiction of the human form is great - fat, skinny, sexy, etc. Pornography or hentai, as in explicit sexual imagery, intercourse and genital contact are not acceptable. This includes written or text file pornography as well. Also, no dongs.

3. A maximum of seven (7) entries a week are allowed from any member, or contributor, to Indie Graphic Novels.

4. No photographic work (portraits, photo-manipulations). unless it is of artist merchandise, will be accepted.

5. No icons will be approved for gallery folders.

6. "Trolling" aka the unwarranted harassment of members, guests or users will not be tolerated.

7. Theft of artists' work from this group, including false attribution, will not be tolerated. This will result in expulsion from this group and being reported to Deviant Art for potential account termination.

8. Violations of these simple rules will result in one (1) warning followed by a compulsory expulsion from this dA group.

9. Any member, or contributor, that commits a severe violation of one (1) of these rules such as posting multiple amounts of pornography or venomously disrespecting a member or user will face a mandatory expulsion. No exceptions. Violating Rule 9 also means being reported to Deviant Art and potential account termination.

10. No re-posting of any other artists original work unless you are or were on the art or writing team that generated the page or image. Theft or impersonation will be reported. Violating Rule 10 also means being reported to Deviant Art and potential account termination.

The complete Guidelines explain group submission criteria in greater depth.



Friends, colleagues and our fellow artists in comics and art.

Newest Members

January Comics Newsletter

The New Year is officially here and our fourth year as Indie Graphic Novels starts right now. We gotta tell you guys and gals that this January's newsletter is so good that it should be framed. We're serious about this. It's the best one we've published to date.

First, let's talk turkey. It's the beginning of deep winter for the Northern Hemisphere. Many of us are firmly planted in our studios. We are at our desks, drawing up the incredible people and places that we've dreamed up. Each one of us is spending an extraordinary amount of time creating the scenes and the settings that are necessary to bring the comic-reading public into our imaginary worlds. These worlds were only good ideas or a few lines on a scrap of paper, once, until we started the process that makes them into reality.

Studio time is important time! This part of the cycle, as rough as it can be to get right, is important. Creating comics, right now, is important. As a comic creator and collector I can tell you: the art that is being created right now stands out as distinctive to our time. And, that is very important to recognize.

Welcome New Members

Three years ago, we started out as a small group with a few committed members. Today, we are at 780+ Members and 850+ Watchers with 50+ affiliates. Of all of the groups on dA we are the only group specifically for dedicated indie comic artists. Thank you for all for making this a place for your work.

Welcome to 27 more artists since November's newsletter went out, including:

Asiasisia, calasade, anireal, adondevas, RegenerationPlus, konztantien, Aaron-Frankenfield, abonny, TheHuntingAccident, LaraVan, Lunewen, Lion542, DarkHeartDystopia, Bell4my, ASTROMEKK, madkrykan, DruidTeeth, Zimprich, Spike-T, Scarecrow76, Ai-yoku, MightyMatt81, divinerogue1991, EerieHusky, moremagic, Krackoon, and comedy comics creator woohooligan.

New Features

Our folder structure is set up so that many stages of art can be accepted into this group. Please take time to review the folder names before hitting the Submit button.

So. What would you like to see as a new feature? It's your group. Leave your comments for new features.

New Indie Comic And Book News

Our friends and members are some of the most active small-press publishers in the world. Red Anvil Comics' new title Owlgirls by Italian artist Rachel Aragno #1 and #2 were both were successfully Kickstarted in 2014. This is a complex title set in a 1940's film noir picture featuring three owl sisters. Look for #3 this year on Kickstarter.

Next, our main features. This month, we are extremely fortunate to spotlight two out-standing titles and their creators. The dedicated folks behind these books have made some imaginative comics with a high level of skill in both the story-telling and the art departments.

The Hunting Accident

The Hunting Accident
A historically based graphic novel featuring one of Chicago's most infamous murders.
For many of us, the horror story of Leopold and Loeb is a familiar one. Two repulsive, over-privileged young men decide to undertake the "perfect crime". After a series of petty crimes they choose kill a teenage boy by the name of Franks - for reasons that can only be described as deranged narcissism.

What writer David Carlson and artist Landis Blair have done with The Hunting Accident is out-standing. The team takes the real life cellmate of Nathan Leopold, Mr. Matthew Rizzo, and then tells the story of the notorious thrill killers from this character's point-of-view. The result of this technique is a deeper insight into the motivations and the long years of incarceration in historic Stateville Prison outside of Chicago - a prison that is still standing today.

The Hunting Accident
Paralleling prison life and physical lay-outs, King Minos stands in the second circle of Hell.
As of January 1st, this 432 page, 18 chapter book is successfully funded to the the tune of $25,000 on Kickstarter. This is $7,000 more than what the team originally asked for. Additionally this book was chosen as a Staff Pick by Kickstarter.

The art for the book, painstakingly created by Landis Blair, is traditionally inked art on bristol board. It brings to life the 1940's-50's by closely resembling etchings. This is important due to the context. Etching was chief form of illustration for newspapers right up until the time of Leopold and Loeb's crimes (1924). In papers like The Chicago Daily Tribune, this murder was highly publicized, complete with etchings, as the "Crime Of The Century". Second, the book focuses on Dante's Inferno which was illustrated with etchings, first in the Medieval era and then in the Renaissance, before being definitively illustrated by the legendary Gustave Doré in 1861 in his own series of etchings.

The last word on this brand new book goes to project writer David Carlson who has been good enough to share previews of this book.

Book Of Contradictions

Book Of Contradictions
Carefully crafted characters and fully painted panels come alive in this amazing webcomic.
Christina Zakhozhay aka Christin Zahk is a comic artist with an incredible, digitally painted style. Her work focuses on elves, mythology, magic, giant white birds and inter-dimensional travel. The Book Of Contradictions displays an excellent sensitivity in the art and in the characters that is unmistakable as we follow a 16-year-old half-elf girl named Zekhai/Lana Still.

Lana has had to endure the murder of her mother and the abandonment of her father and begins the story in a state run orphanage. After splitting on less than ideal living circumstances she is set upon by a demon made of shadows. Here, the second lead character, Kuroi-Abbekha, makes a fortuitous appearance and saves her.

Kuroi looks like some sort of half-elf elf hybrid himself, with a long tail and two-toed bird claws for feet! He reveals to her that there is another world called Silana from which she belongs but is far from - paralleling her own situation on Earth very well.

Book Of Contradictions
Traveling between realms looks a lot like an elevator to Hell. Only Fran Drescher isn't there.
As Chapter Two ends, we find our two heroes opening a magical gate to Silana. They smoothly exit the bustling, over-crowded human world and enter the lush, sylvan one of Silana.

The attention to detail, in the eyes, faces and the rendering style for the magic is extraordinary. With the prelude and introductions taken care of - now is a great time to subscribe to The Book Of Contradictions.


Indie Graphic Novels is affiliated with over 50+ different comic groups! Did you know that? We have affiliations with artist groups from Chile, Brazil and Russia.

This month we are focusing in on two more affiliate groups.

Comic Artist Guild

Comic Artist Guild is a group that features the best of three phases of comic production: Pencils, Inks and Colors. The Color Art section is particularly notable for the original work and high degree of detail in many of the pieces.

The Athenian!! by Nick-OG Page2&3 by noahhulsizer Hummingbird by JerMohler

This comic-oriented group currently has 186 members and has been on dA for two years.

Comic Art Inc

Comic Art Inc is a massive comic group. Everything from new and old Marvel and DC to original comics are all there by the hundred. There are 39 Gallery folders for tutorials, contests and comic artwork.

Pryde by StephenMorrow Artifacts [1] by Hitotsumami BPRD agent and the Frog (inking) by aka-EX

Comic Art Inc has been on dA for four years and has grown to 1,600+ members.

Comic Conventions

Where are your next appearances? New books? Tables at a new or long-running comic con or show? Add or submit your info to the Info Folder. Kickstarter campaigns, ads, announcements and book promotion pieces all go there!

Here's a short list of what comic conventions are coming up.

Magic City Comic Con
Miami, Florida
January 16-18, 2015

Tokyo, Japan
February 1, 2015

Ontario Collectors Con
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
February 1, 2015

Star City Anime
Roanoke, VA
February 6-8, 2015

Colorado Springs, CO
February 27-March 1, 2015

Dunedin Expo
Dunedin, New Zealand
February 28-March 1, 2015
More Journal Entries


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