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:bulletpurple: A friendly group of international artists accepting members who create, illustrate and market their own titles. Titles can be webcomics, self-published print editions, graphic novels or comics.
Founded 3 Years ago
Nov 16, 2011


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Art Creation

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Digital Media

798 Members
849 Watchers
27,864 Pageviews
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Accepting New Members/Rules

Welcome New Members:
This Deviant Art group is seeking artists and submissions from folks who self-publish comics, web comics, graphic novels, manga, comic related posters and custom merchandise.

All levels from Newbies to Masters are completely acceptable. Welcome and please read the rules below or read the complete Guidelines for more information.

Basic Guidelines for Entries/Members:
1. We are an indie group for original titles and not a Marvel/DC fan comic or character group. No Spider-Man, Hulk or Superman fan art will be accepted.

2. Nudity, as in the artistic sense, is acceptable. Depiction of the human form is great - fat, skinny, sexy, etc. Pornography or hentai, as in explicit sexual imagery, intercourse and genital contact are not acceptable. This includes written or text file pornography as well. Also, no dongs.

3. A maximum of seven (7) entries a week are allowed from any member, or contributor, to Indie Graphic Novels.

4. No photographic work (portraits, photo-manipulations). unless it is of artist merchandise, will be accepted.

5. No icons will be approved for gallery folders.

6. "Trolling" aka the unwarranted harassment of members, guests or users will not be tolerated.

7. Theft of artists' work from this group, including false attribution, will not be tolerated. This will result in expulsion from this group and being reported to Deviant Art for potential account termination.

8. Violations of these simple rules will result in one (1) warning followed by a compulsory expulsion from this dA group.

9. Any member, or contributor, that commits a severe violation of one (1) of these rules such as posting multiple amounts of pornography or venomously disrespecting a member or user will face a mandatory expulsion. No exceptions. Violating Rule 9 also means being reported to Deviant Art and potential account termination.

10. No re-posting of any other artists original work unless you are or were on the art or writing team that generated the page or image. Theft or impersonation will be reported. Violating Rule 10 also means being reported to Deviant Art and potential account termination.

The complete Guidelines explain group submission criteria in greater depth.



Friends, colleagues and our fellow artists in comics and art.

Newest Members

November Comics Newsletter

How was your year? Was it an overall success but with a few godawful days? Did you reach some important milestones despite encountering a few big challenges? Did you work like a wicked evil night elf at your day job?

Maybe you find yourself strung out on the weekend explaining to 40 people why they need to give you 10 bucks for your books? Hah! I bet. And that's exactly what you should be doing.

For the reasons listed above - it is definitely November. Con season season is wrapping up for the Northern Hemisphere as the bad weather is preparing to start back up. Time for us to strategically withdraw to the studio in order to re-dedicate ourselves to new works. This being the case, this month we'll look at new books by two out-standing members and highlight some of our affiliates.

Let's get started with our first item of business - new members.

Welcome New Members

Today, we are at 780+ Members and 830+ Watchers with 50+ affiliates. Of all of the groups on dA we are the only group specifically for dedicated indie comic artists. Thank you for all for making this a place for your work.

Welcome to 30 more artists since September's newsletter went out, including:

1H3ro, Rotten15Samke, WildEllie, rafaelchrestani, FriendlyFireComics, Emgoro, thewreaper, noahhulsizer, VicassoD, Evilddragonqueen, nik160, koreybarton, DarkChroniclesCom, MichaelMeris, rajahjp, paperfoxes, EnjoyYoursKill, Bored-Chick, Geannes, Sproctacle, kiiroikimono, xEDG3x, dqmorrow, tajelsir, fsgu, Thisisjay, ramonsgil, elesol, Jackdarkness1 and nunsploitation label Earth Realm Comics.

New Features

Our folder structure is set up so that many stages of art can be accepted into this group. Please take time to review the folder names before hitting the Submit button.

So. What would you like to see as a new feature? It's your group. Leave your comments for new features.

New Indie Comic And Book News

In indie comic publishing news, Red Anvil Comics is getting ready to publish Cyberines a tale of modern warfare featuring the newest deadly development in weaponry - cyborgs. The art from Cory Hamscher and Sean Forney easily separates this book as a stand-out title in the cape-and-cowl genre.

Next, our main features. This month we look at two out-standing titles. The dedicated folks behind these books have made some imaginative comics with a high level of skill in both the story-telling and the art departments.


Herald from Action Lab Entertainment
Unforgettable icons of exploration and science do battle with a hoary, tentacled foe.
In this brand new original title, the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla and misanthropic horror master H.P. Lovecraft must team up in order to save Amelia Earhart and then the world. You see, that old interdimensional beastie, Mr. Cthulhu, seems to have woke up in bad, bad mood and has decided to end all life on Earth as we know it.

What part of this description do you not like? It's like a dream team of retro steampunk heroes wound up raiding Arkham Asylum (HP Lovecraft's creation before DC) and found the Re-Animator reading aloud from the Necronomicon to a host of frog-faced hulks. If you don't read it you are flat-out missing the point in a bad way.

Herald from Action Lab Entertainment
Herald is written by John Reilly, pencils by Tom Rogers and inks/colors by Dexter Weeks.
This series is available on Comixology in early November, 2014, and in comic shops in January, 2015 from Action Lab Comics. Action Lab publishes cutting-edge original titles including Dagonet and Princeless from Skullkickers writer Jim Zub.

Buy it and thank us in the comments section afterwards.

After The Dream

After The Dream
Modern cyberpunk, unearthly premonitions and precision shooting... Heaven is a real place!
After the Dream is a dark webcomic, rated R for nudity, sex, drug use, and violence. This title is about an underworld conspiracy and the lives of those that it touches. It's a complex story that is currently reaching a high point in the art and story. The comic is told with two intertwining story arcs, one of which takes place in 2012, and the other which takes place in the year 2031.

After The Dream
Fun Fact about S.W.A.T. teams: the only thing they love more than firing rifles is aiming them while chewing toothpicks.
Jeremy Begin is the writer, letterer, web designer, and sometimes colorist. He is the author of the graphic novel Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) published by Trine Day in 2007 also and the creator of the Deep History Timeline. His work touches on war, politics and technology in some edgy and interesting ways.

Damon Bowie, Joon Song, Phil Sasko, and Dave Mims created most of the art for After the Dream.

Volume One is available at Drive-Thru Comics. Pick it up, already!


Indie Graphic Novels is affiliated with over 50+ different comic groups! Did you know that? We have affiliations with artist groups from Chile, Brazil and Russia.

Just like in the September newsletter, we are focusing in on two more affiliate groups.

Motion Comics

Our newest affiliation is with Motion Comics. This is a group that specializes in the dA version of animated comics. It's a relatively new type of technology and being such - the surface has barely been scratched. One good example is the prototype for this type of comic/animation hybrid -Bad Man: Silence from 2010.

Treatment - Mexico City: Episode 1 by MadefireStudios  Books of Blood - Issue 1: The Book of Blood by MadefireStudios  Hellboy in Hell - Episode 1 by MadefireStudios

This a brand new group and currently has 42 members and has been on dA for one month.

Devart Comics

Devart Comics is a very active super-group that often has member contests that revolve around collaboration. That includes everything from pencils to inks to colors. The group selects each piece by votes sort of like a friendlier, more democratic version of Battle Artist.

FaLLEN Volume 1 Graphic Novel Cover Art by OgawaBurukku  Training Quest #042 by lastbeach  Thralmart by woohooligan

Devart Comics has been on dA for five years and has grown to 7,350 members!

Comic Conventions

Where are your next appearances? New books? Tables at a new or long-running comic con or show? Add or submit your info to the Info Folder. Kickstarter campaigns, ads, announcements and book promotion pieces all go there!

Here's a short list of what comic conventions are coming up.

Ohio Comic Con
Columbus, Ohio
October 31-November 2 2014

Rhode Island Comic Con
Providence, RI
November 1-2, 2014

Brooklyn Comic Arts
Brooklyn, NYC, NY
November 8-9, 2014

Brasil Comic Con
São Paulo, BR
November 15-16, 2014

Philadelphia, PA
November 21-23, 2014

Wizard World Reno
Reno, NV
November 21-23, 2014

Ottawa Pop Expo
Ottawa, ON, Canada
November 22-23, 2014

Tokyo, Japan
November 23, 2014

Malta Comic Con
Valletta, Malta
November 29-30, 2014

Steel City Con
Monroeville, PA
December 5-7, 2014
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