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:bulletpurple: A friendly group of international artists accepting members who create, illustrate and market their own titles. Titles can be webcomics, self-published print editions, graphic novels or comics.
Founded 3 Years ago
Nov 16, 2011


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Art Creation

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Digital Media

755 Members
807 Watchers
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Accepting New Members/Rules

Welcome New Members:
This Deviant Art group is seeking artists and submissions from folks who self-publish comics, web comics, graphic novels, manga, comic related posters and custom merchandise.

All levels from Newbies to Masters are completely acceptable. Welcome and please read the rules below or read the complete Guidelines for more information.

Basic Guidelines for Entries/Members:
1. We are an indie group for original titles and not a Marvel/DC fan comic or character group. No Spider-Man, Hulk or Superman fan art will be accepted.

2. Nudity, as in the artistic sense, is acceptable. Depiction of the human form is great - fat, skinny, sexy, etc. Pornography or hentai, as in explicit sexual imagery, intercourse and genital contact are not acceptable. This includes written or text file pornography as well. Also, no dongs.

3. A maximum of seven (7) entries a week are allowed from any member, or contributor, to Indie Graphic Novels.

4. No photographic work (portraits, photo-manipulations). unless it is of artist merchandise, will be accepted.

5. No icons will be approved for gallery folders.

6. "Trolling" aka the unwarranted harassment of members, guests or users will not be tolerated.

7. Theft of artists' work from this group, including false attribution, will not be tolerated. This will result in expulsion from this group and being reported to Deviant Art for potential account termination.

8. Violations of these simple rules will result in one (1) warning followed by a compulsory expulsion from this dA group.

9. Any member, or contributor, that commits a severe violation of one (1) of these rules such as posting multiple amounts of pornography or venomously disrespecting a member or user will face a mandatory expulsion. No exceptions. Violating Rule 9 also means being reported to Deviant Art and potential account termination.

10. No re-posting of any other artists original work unless you are or were on the art or writing team that generated the page or image. Theft or impersonation will be reported. Violating Rule 10 also means being reported to Deviant Art and potential account termination.

The complete Guidelines explain group submission criteria in greater depth.



Friends, colleagues and our fellow artists in comics and art.

Newest Members

July Comics Newsletter

July? Yes, the summer is here. Cons are now 77% more sweaty and books from Winter are coming out! We want to mention a few good comics and graphic novels that are out now from top indie artists. Barbarian Lord is out now in stores and on the web and - two new FUBAR alum books are coming up in short order.

Barbarian Lord by Matt Smith is a tale of action and adventure with Smith's trademarked art style! Viking doom, Conan action comics, Groo, Much The Miller's Son fans will all really enjoy this 176 page black-and-white graphic novel from Clarion Books.

Mother Russia is available now for pre-order from Jeff MComsey. Small press commando community word is that a book on rampaging Dinosaurs in their natural settings is upcoming from artist/writer/FUBAR ring-leader Steve Beck. We've seen early previews of this comic on-line and it looks brilliant.

Welcome New Members

With 735+ plus artists Members, 780+ Watchers and many more affiliates and guests - we are a thriving place to be! Thanks for coming in and making this a place for your work in comics, graphic novels and webcomics!

Welcome to 50 more artists since May's newsletter went out.

Simple-Sigfried, XXxMISANTHROPExXX, cocobugs, graphicspark, c4ppuc1n0t0ngu3, Drezz, TheInsurrection, Andy0042,BallpointsStudio,  Vulpesvulpes89, TheTonyFigueroa,  AimeeSH, DeDorgoth, saint-max,TexasBean,TheMeInMonster,  Chtonic777, alakotila, DOMiNOUKAE,  friendbeard, ZeaW90, OneCreator,  natas88, JM-Henr, MuhammadNafiz, Anna-draws-things,  TheRockyCrowe, TooManyDemons, mauropadovani, B-RizzleXXXX, sock87, graphisteph, k-e-i-t-h. SKULLLOBO, telekat, Chemical-Village, MidnightWabbit, thEbrEEze, carriehowarth, ChalkRabbit, MrTuke, ArtFurry, LeenaCruz, jkemeny, salembier and Blique!

New Features

The Character Design folder is starting to fill out very well. We look for multiple poses in your sheets. Disney in the 1940's used a minimum of eight poses as their standard character sheets. Three to four pose sheets are the best idea for our group.

  Character Concept / Murphy by BrotherBaston  Girls from the Wasteland by Brosa Night Wolf Character Design - Snow Paw by RAM-Horn

New Indie Comic And Book News

This month, were are featuring two out-standing webcomics. These dedicated publishers have labels and imprints that you just gotta visit and buy directly from them. Both comics are imaginative with a high level of skill in the story-telling and art departments. Let's get right to it then!

Hawk And A Handsaw

Hawk And A Handsaw
What happens in an insane asylum for super-heroes? Edgy comics with excellent art!

Hawk And A Handsaw is a top shelf webcomic written by Brett Harris and art by Matt Childers of Adventures In Pulp.

Super-heroes operate at mega-strength while flying through the sky - without a care in the world. Enter, Dr. Destructo! A villain whose devices steal super-heroes' powers! Consequentially, a number of power-drained and frustrated former heroes are put in the state sanatorium. Insisting you can break through walls or have a body made of adamantium does that!

Among these mental patients is the former Super-Man of this world, El Supremo who is now a years long committed mental patient.

Hawk And A Handsaw Webcomic
This title is a fun, smart romp through traditional comic book genres and rules. Childer's art is electric!

El Supremo's powers were removed mysteriously during his crime fighting career. After, he was forced to live in the gloomy austerity of Sterling State Mental Health Facility. For years, Supremo raves about being "faster than a speeding bullet" much to his wardens' contempt. One day, as suddenly as his super strength abandoned years ago - his strength and flight powers return!

That is only the beginning of this dark and imaginative book. One of multiple tales available from Adventures In Pulp. Take time to subscribe to Hawk And A Handsaw.

Swift Blades

Swift Blades by Jacobsen and Sanders
Swords, sorcery and - heavy metal trolls? Bloody good action!

Swords and sorcery rule a magical, monster-filled world in this weekly webcomic, Swift Blades, from Jacobsen and Sanders.

This is a straight-forward fantasy battle focused book. Action frames the storyline and pacing in a series of building battles. Swift Swords takes place in a medieval era. The comic flies into magical dimensions, forest fortifications and in demon inhabited pits deep in the forgotten realms deep in the wilderness.

Swift Swords by Jacobsen and Sanders
Battles rage among eves, dwarves and humans that face vast armies and orcish hordes.

Original heroes rise and fall in the epic clashes versus Orc hordes have come! These evil warriors fight to extinguish mankind from encroaching on it's dark borders. Orchish armies led by giants, trolls and even by some intelligent members of the undead are on the horizon! How can anything stand before thousands of these armed beasties?

PG-13 for violence and bloody action. Already in the 100+ page range - great for a color webcomic. Steadily updating! Take some time to subscribe to Swift Blades.


Indie Graphic Novels is affiliated with over 50 different comic groups! Did you know that? We have affiliations with artist groups from Chile, Brazil and Russia. This month, we are focusing in on two of those groups.

Character Design

Character Design is a community of mostly amateur and aspiring galleries for original characters. Character Design has been on Deviant Art for five years and currently has 700 Members.

Haunt - Character Sheet by smokewithoutmirrors Steam Punk Voyd by VoydKessler  Ikaelo - Birthday Gift by Sleyf

Brush Inking

Brushing Inking group on Deviant Art is a great place to find those traditional skills. Killer artists use these techniques to build upon digital skills in turn. It's been on dA for four years with 575 Members currently.

Namor by IanJMiller  Lady Deadpool by IanJMiller  Taskmaster by IanJMiller

The admin is smart here! Brushing Inkers has Contributor Chris Kohler - the creator of zombie adventure/horror title Portland Underground. The work at the group is classic! There is a lot of cross-over with original work and 1960's-1980's era Marvel aesthetics.

Comic Conventions

Where are your next appearances? New books? Tables at a new or long-running comic con or show? Add or submit your info to the Info Folder. Kickstarter campaigns, ads, announcements and book promotion pieces all go there!
More Journal Entries


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