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:bulletpurple: A friendly group of international artists accepting members who create, illustrate and market their own titles. Titles can be webcomics, self-published print editions, graphic novels or comics.
Founded 2 Years ago
Nov 16, 2011


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Art Creation

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Digital Media

690 Members
722 Watchers
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Accepting New Members/Rules

Welcome New Members:
This Deviant Art group is seeking artists and submissions from folks who self-publish comics, web comics, graphic novels, manga, comic related posters and custom merchandise.

All levels from Newbies to Masters are completely acceptable. Welcome and please read the rules below or read the complete Guidelines for more information.

Basic Guidelines for Entries/Members:
1. We are an indie group for original titles and not a Marvel/DC fan comic or character group. No Spider-Man, Hulk or Superman fan art will be accepted.

2. Nudity, as in the artistic sense, is acceptable. Depiction of the human form is great - fat, skinny, sexy, etc. Pornography or hentai, as in explicit sexual imagery, intercourse and genital contact are not acceptable. This includes written or text file pornography as well. Also, no dongs.

3. A maximum of seven (7) entries a week are allowed from any member, or contributor, to Indie Graphic Novels.

4. No photographic work (portraits, photo-manipulations). unless it is of artist merchandise, will be accepted.

5. No icons will be approved for gallery folders.

6. "Trolling" aka the unwarranted harassment of members, guests or users will not be tolerated.

7. Theft of artists' work from this group, including false attribution, will not be tolerated. This will result in expulsion from this group and being reported to Deviant Art for potential account termination.

8. Violations of these simple rules will result in one (1) warning followed by a compulsory expulsion from this dA group.

9. Any member, or contributor, that commits a severe violation of one (1) of these rules such as posting multiple amounts of pornography or venomously disrespecting a member or user will face a mandatory expulsion. No exceptions. Violating Rule 9 also means being reported to Deviant Art and potential account termination.

10. No re-posting of any other artists original work unless you are or were on the art or writing team that generated the page or image. Theft or impersonation will be reported. Violating Rule 10 also means being reported to Deviant Art and potential account termination.

The complete Guidelines explain group submission criteria in greater depth.



Friends, colleagues and our fellow artists in comics and art.

Newest Members

Comic Graphic Novels Newsletter

Is this winter is nearly over? Could it be? For much of the northern hemisphere, it has been historically cold with record setting snowfalls. What does this mean? This means that many of our individual studios were busy churning out pages while half the world was covered in arctic weather!

This month, we are very proud to present the latest books and Kickstarter projects from a few of our members including an original title that has been newly released from Image Comics. Buckle up, this is a good one.

Welcome New Members

Greetings to longtime self-publishers and hard-working artists! In 2.5 years, we have lost only 21 members of our 692 members. Why? Because of your determination to see your own work published. No other reason can fully explain our unparalleled member retention.

Welcome to our newest members! Welcome to owliPOP, GiP7, Normlu, neotonic, quesa0dilla, Frostthegreat, sissadDS, Comico-sarkar, judsonwilkerson, MichaelVogt, Scribbletati, CaptainItaly, SoloSetup, SirInkman, BidboroughStreet, Whitsteen, Warbound316, asocialconstruct, TorgoLIVES, CerealCookie, MasterOfTheUniverse1, DespairingHope, StudioEmblem, PeterDonahue, blackandredwolf96, flightofhorace, marklaszlo666, MMHudson, Rode-Egel, YonYonYon, harsya, amberchrome, Ladrony, im-not-cole, 10WorldsStudio, akaLous, sir-wesley666, Fireweave and Monecule.

A warm welcome to Bill McKay fresh from VA Comicon. McKay's "Night Of The 80's Living Dead" book is hilarious. The title is rendered with the finest amount of detail in the best traditions of satirical publications such Mort Drucker's work on MAD magazine.

Welcome to Alejandra Wilson aka Rock On Llama Rocket Llama, a webcomic artist, whose work on "Rock On, Rocket Llama" is very funny and irreverently humorous. Check out her art skills as her character hikes over detailed southwestern American landscapes!

New Features

In the past two months, we've simplified the group's folder structures. When submitting, please choose the correct folder. Here's a short description of the changes and best usage.

The Featured folder is for portfolio quality images of panels and spreads. This folder is for members and affiliates best work. The Covers folder is for covers only. Only art with title and/or publisher information can be accepted here.

The Cards folder is for sketch cards only. Only cards. No panel images. Images must be in the sketch card format. Pages, formerly Comic Book Pages, is for sequential pages. The Pencils and Inks folder, is a folder is for black and white process pieces rendered in pencil or ink. Note that color images are not usually accepted here.

The Info folder is for important information about members and their announcements. Examples include title releases, Kickstarter or Indie Go Go campaigns or comic con appearances. The Process folder is for tutorials about making comics, imagery or art techniques. The Group Crit folder is for artists that want feedback about their technique, style or story.

A complete set of rules for our group is available here.

New Indie Comic And Book News

Comics without capes or Kryptonite? Yes! We are very proud to present member titles with no dusty formulas at work - only original work!

These books and projects each reflect a growing demand for non-traditional heroes and villains. Please take the time to look these books and projects up. Remember, even the mighty Spider-Man needed an audience to get started!


Image Comics Undertow
Fantastic art of an undersea kingdom in the middle of civil war is front-and-center for Image's Undertow.
Launching this month, "Undertow" is illustrated by Russian artist Artyom Trakhanov aka OXOTHUK,  lettered by up and coming artist Thomas Mauer and written by Steve Orlando (215 Ink, Image Comics and DC/Vertigo).

This is a unique book! Trakhanov's art is vibrant and alive. His art style brings horrific battles to a realistic life in a way that even the "best" of the Submariner and Aquaman titles have never been able to do - due to a wide array of previous restrictions. The bloody strife illustrated in "Undertow" isn't done purely for the sake of entertainment. Instead, it reflects the very real bloody chaos that has taken place in eastern Europe - making these battles grim and realistic.

Image Comics have gotten behind this title. Shops can order this book in Previews with the following information:

ISSUE 2 Cover A: JAN140621 /  Cover B (Aaron Conley Variant): DEC138395
ISSUE 3 Cover A: FEB140641 /  Cover B (Brian Churilla Variant): FEB140642


Diskordia by Andrew Blackman
We love Andrew Blackman's work. You will too after you start reading his original title "Diskordia".
Andrew Blackman aka Rivenis has been a member of this group from the early days. He has self-published eight volumes of his original fantasy "Diskordia" over the past four years and now he is collecting them in a hardcover edition.

This series reads like a modern, and thoroughly enjoyable, tale by Lewis Carrol (Alice In Wonderland). "Diskordia" spares no details in the art which features rich color illustration. His characters are as lovable as they are bizarre - making the books one of a kind trips into dreamlike worlds that hover very close to our own world.

Please stop by Blackman's Indie Go Go campaign to help fund this collection! You will not regret it for a second.

Colossal Kaiju Combat Cards

Colossal Kaiju Combat Cards
Giant monsters tower menacingly over mankind's microscopic metropolises in: "Colossal Kaiju Combat!"
Frankie B. Washington aka fbwash is a Massachusetts based comic artist who has been publishing his original title "Robot God Akamatsu" since 2009. He is a much sought after artist. He has just completed a large series of trading cards for indie crowd-funded giant monster fight game, "Colossal Kaiju Combat" by Sunstone Games.

Washington is offering this series for $12.00 plus $5.00 shipping along with pages of the original inks, which are flat-out spectacular. For ordering information please see this Facebook album.


Currently, we are affiliated with 50 indie comics and original title dA groups. We'd like to feature two of these groups this month.

Lost Kids
Issue #3 out TODAY on Comixology! by FelipeCagno The Lost Kids Page 2 by wiltonarts
Lost Kids, an all-ages fantasy book made in Brazil. The art and the story are both very impressive. Five kids accidentally get transported to a world filled with magic, airships and ancient civilizations. To return home, they must find the mythical city of Samarkand.

RR: Storm by Jay-Jacks More Goodies by Jay-Jacks
Revolver a book set in a science-fiction world where a cybernetic soldier begins to doubt the righteousness of warfare which he himself is an active mechanical part of. The art is superb. Revolver features professional grade coloring and design to define this new title.

Comic Conventions

Doing comic cons this year? Where is your table at? Post comments here to get in touch with the artists and writers coming to your town for comic conventions.

SPACE in Columbus, Ohio April 12-13th has a reduced group rate for early bookers that cuts off on March 21st. Call the Ramada Plaza on Sinclair at (614) 846-0300 or 877-609-6086.

More March comic cons include:
Sacramento Comic Con, March 7-9, 2014. Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, CA.
Lexington Comic & Toy Con,  March 14-16 2014. Lexington Convention Center, Lexington KY.
Indiana Comic Con, March 14-16 2014.  Indianapolis Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN.
Emerald City, March 28-30, 2014. Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA.
Louisville Comic Con, March 28-30, 2014. Kentucky International Convention Center, Louisville, KY.

Remember, you can add your info to the group and member Info folder. Only one page or image per appearance or book!
More Journal Entries


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nahuel-amaya 4 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot! You made me happy, crazy people. Best! 
littlekit Mar 30, 2014  Professional Artist
Sorry, didn't realize that you don't accept work from all-ages comics. You should add in your rules that there is a minimum age for intended audiences of comics you accept for submission. I shall remove myself from the group. All the best to you.
Gargantuan-Media Mar 31, 2014  Professional Filmographer
My friend, your entries were evaluated.

Octopus Story: Book 1, Page 14 by littlekit Octopus Story: Book 1, Page 15 by littlekit

You were given a reasonable explanation as to why they were denied. In light of this: why is it that you giving Admin advice and at the same time announcing your departure in the comments section of our group?

That is very immature and a bit childish don't you think? Please, self-evaluate your behavior in this matter.
littlekit Apr 1, 2014  Professional Artist
Your explanation, that my work is targeted to kids, is not stated in your rules. I was simply giving a cordial recommendation that you clarify your rules, so that others may be aware of your restrictions. No, I do not believe it was immature or childish. It was intended as a friendly recommendation before I took my leave, and any ill will was an unfounded assumption on your part. I do not believe that such insults were warranted, nor are they indicative of a professional behavior of your group. Again, I take my leave. This conversation is over. Good day to you, sir.
Animator-who-Draws Mar 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thanks for adding me! I'll be updating my first graphic novel here soon. Check out POLAR Spirit on facebook!…
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